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Archangel Abraxas
Archangel Ambriel
Archangel Anpiel
Archangel Assiel
Archangel Azrael
Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Dokiel
The Elohim
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gaburathiel
Archangel Gadreel
Archangel Haniel
Archangel Iahal
Archangel Itqual
Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Melchizadek
Archangel Metatron
Archangel Michael
Archangel Nahinsa
Archangel Och
Archangel Phaldour
Archangel Phanuel
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Ratziel
Archangel Rhamiel
Archangel Safriel
Archangel Samael
Archangel Sandalphon
Archangel Sariel
Archangel Satchiel
Archangel Schachath
The Seraphim
Archangel Uriel
Archangel Zadkiel
Archangel Zagzaguel
Archangel Zeruel