The Wisdom Of Merlin

The Demon Father
light from darkness
The Mother Of Merlin
love conquers all
The Sage
wisdom of the heart
The Child Of Sight
the inner eye opens
Vortigen's Tower
opposing forces
The Two Dragons
harmony in balance
The Sister Of Merlin
listen and receive
Merlin As Guide
use your words wisely
Blind Prophecy
beware the ego
The Madness Of Merlin
surrender to nature
Merlin The Magician
the wisdom of merlin
Glamoury Spell
the power of illusion
Arthur The Apprentice
a time for learning
the hallow of water
Morgan Le Fey
priestess of the goddess
The Round Table
alpha et omega
Merlin's Tower
sacred space
The Crystal Cave
ancient magic
the dream of paradise
The Blasted Oak
prison of the mind
The Triple Death
initiation through adversity
The Hollow Hill
sleeping guardians
Merlin's Staff
the hallow of air
The Tower Of Glass And Air
the prison of the heart
Merlin's Spellbook
the hallow of earth
building the future
Dragon's Breath
the hallow of fire
The Spirit Of The Merlin
magical guidance